Keystones Technology Innovators

Find Your Marigold - The One Essential Rule for New Teachers - This article really captures the spirit of the KTI tribe!

The Keystones Technology Innovators program, or KTI for short, identifies, invites and supports exemplary educators into a distinct and dynamic learning community. Keystones advocate the use of technology as a transformative tool to nurture the intellect, innovation and imagination of students.

Each year since 2016, a member of the Maplewood Elementary staff has been nominated and selected to attend the yearly summit held at Shippensburg University where they collaborate and innovate with other energetic educators like themselves. It is truly a career, and even life changing, experience. May your Purple Shine Bright, Tribe! 

Class of 2022 - Sierra Stanford, Grade 1 Teacher

Class of 2021 - Leirin Schmader, Grade 3 Teacher

Class of 2020 - Jennifer Wilkinson, Grade 4 Teacher

Class of 2019 - Shari Barickman, Grade 6 Teacher

Class of 2018 - Joy Shaffer, former Technology Teacher (now an administrator at IU5)

Class of 2017 - Sarah Walton, Art Teacher

Class of 2016 - Shannon Ploski, Grade 2 Teacher (now Title I Reading)

Class of 2015 - Tyler Cauvel - Honorary Member - Biology Teacher at Franklin Area Jr.-Sr. High School and famous skater at The Rink