Parent Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held at Maplewood Elementary on January 16, 2023 from noon until 7:25PM. Please use the links below to schedule a time with your child's teacher. If you have any trouble scheduling, please contact your child's teacher for assistance in obtaining a time slot.

We look forward to catching up with families on this day!

Mrs. Longo
Ms. McPherson
Mrs. Yarnell
Grade 1
Mrs. Baker
Mrs. Nageotte 
Miss Prato
Mrs. Stanford
Grade 2
Mr. Biernacki
Mrs. Carey
Mrs. Sansom
Grade 3
Mrs. Heagy
Ms. Parker
Mrs. Schmader
Grade 4
Mr. Sienicki
Mrs. Turner
Mrs. Wilkinson


Grade 5
Ms. Doubet
Mr. Peters
Mrs. Tracy
Grade 6
Mrs. Barickman
Mrs. Dillaman
Mrs. Marshall
Student Support Services
Mrs. Hancox
Mrs. Hoover
Mrs. Kral 
Mrs. Musoni
Mrs. Ploski
Mrs. Prenatt
Special Area
Mrs. Bancroft
Mr. Bryant
Mr. Gardner
Mrs. Shaffer
Mrs. Walton