Activities and Clubs

5th & 6th Grade STEAM Team 

After school club for fifth and sixth grade students to collaborate and work on
Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics content.


Cross-Country Skiing Club

After school club for students to venture outdoors in the winter and learn how to cross-country ski. 

Cross-Country Skiing



Maplewood Elementary School 5th and 6th Graders are given the opportunity to volunteer to participate in our 5th and 6th Grade Chorus.  Students gather weekly during the school day for rehearsals to learn how to sing in unison and two-part harmonies. 

This is a beginning program for students to learn proper singing techniques, breath support, memorization skills, and music reading skills.  Students perform during the school day for the entire school body as well as parents.  Sign-ups occur at the start of the school year as well as upon the return from Christmas break.