K-6 students at Maplewood Elementary School, and all of the PENNCREST School District, participate in an online music curriculum called, “Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music.”

Quaver Marvelous World of Music

This interactive music curriculum is designed to engage students in learning all about music – everything from music theory and playing instruments to music history.

“Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music” incorporates new, updated curricular material every year which is up to date with the sounds of today’s popular music. Students sing, dance, and play instruments while learning how awesome music can be!

Recorder Karate

Maplewood Elementary School 4th Graders participate in a motivational program called “Recorder Karate.”

Recorder Karate

In this program, students learn to play recorders by earning colored “belts” as they progress through the recorder curriculum.  Students earn “belts” by logging in home practice time, completing workbook playing exercises, and performing a memorized piece for the instructor.  As the belts progress in their color order, playing exercises increase in difficulty and required home practice time increases. 

Upon earning a colored belt, students are recognized in front of their classmates in a “ceremony” where students get to move their name from one belt to the next on belts hung on the wall, and they also get to ring a mini-gong!