Title I Virtual Literacy Night

If you signed up for our Virtual Title I Literacy Night, your children will be bringing a bag home TODAY (2/11/2021) with all of the supplies they will need. All of the parts of the event will be included in a link included on the document linked in this post. Each link will take you to the different parts of the event. We hope you all enjoy what we have put together as a district for your family. All of the Title I Reading teachers across the district took a part of orchestrating this exciting event. We even had some other helpers within our schools help us to get things ready. Our very own Mrs. Walton (formerly Miss Eckstein), the art teacher, made the amazing snack video to demonstrate some things you may choose to make. She is so talented..... it almost seems like magic. We had a few other teachers help us pack and prepare your materials. So, a big shoutout to all that helped to make this even possible.

Each family that signed up will receive 1 book Porcupine Polly Needs a Hug. If you signed multiple children up from your family, one of the children will have the book in their bag. All students that were signed up will receive their own personal bag of materials to use for the porcupine snack and the porcupine bookmark.

Being that everything is prerecorded you may watch and do the event as it fits your schedule. The event will open beginning on Thursday, February 11th. It is not live so you do not need to log on at a specific time.

We know you are going to love our special guest author, Lee Wolber. He recorded a video designed entirely for PENNCREST School District. How exciting is that! Make sure you watch all parts of his video. It may seem a little long for some of our younger learners, but he includes so many interesting parts from when he made up stories with his own sons, to how he creates his story, a read aloud of the featured book and so much more. You may choose to stop the video and watch it in segments if it is too long for your child's attention in one sitting. Just don't skip any parts or you'll miss out on some really cool learning.

After watching the video, we included materials for your family to make a porcupine snack and a porcupine bookmark. Watch the short videos of ideas for these activities. After you make your craft items, don't forget to snap a picture of your creation. We are having a contest and we would love to see what you designed. All pictures that are sent to us will enter your child into a drawing for one of our family game night baskets. Pictures must be sent to us by Friday, February 19, 2021 in order to enter for a chance to win.

Finally, we have also included a survey that we would love to get some feedback from your family. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts on this event. Your responses help us to plan and design future family literacy events.

We hope you enjoy the experience. Thanks for sharing this time with your children.

First page of the PDF file: TitleIExpo
First page of the PDF file: LiteracyNightLinks